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The sales forecast is extremely hard to put together – both for the individual sales representative and sales management.  It’s full of guesswork, hopeful thinking and blindness to the facts of each sales opportunity.  Sales leaders and their reps uniformly hate producing them.  Too often, forecasting is busywork disguised as a plan.

TopOPPS sees the enormous missed opportunity in making it easier for you to both categorize and update sales opportunities for more accurate forecasts. We combine deep appreciation for how sales organizations really work and think, sophisticated predictive analytics, and a user experience that turns data into actionable insights fast.  You get:

  • Accurate data collection via mobile apps – keeping your reps focused on results instead of reports – to capture how your sales organization really works and what its real potential is
  • Powerful machine learning algorithms that quantify where the most promising sales are coming from and how to manage them even better
  • Dashboards and reports built to improve your confidence in your sales team and your forecasts at every point in the sales reporting cycle
  • Integration with your existing systems that reduce the costs and delays of manual data collection and analysis

It’s time to let go of Sales Pipeline Fiction and manage your sales team’s Sales Pipeline Reality.

  • Identify your best sales opportunities
  • Utilize big data analytics for pipeline predictability
  • Mobilize sales updates
  • Improve visibility into sales opportunities
  • Adjust for gaps between forecast and sales budget
  • Increase confidence in forecast
  • Plug right into your CRM

About TopOPPS

Have Confidence in Meeting Your Forecast on Day One

Don’t confuse general sales reporting and marketing automation with TopOPPS. Your sales operation has opportunities that slip away. Our sole focus is to deliver sales pipeline visibility that you can act on now.

With the reality TopOPPS brings to your sales pipeline, you can succeed better and faster. Other solutions can only help after laborious reconciliation of system generated forecasts. TopOPPS exists to give you visibility, confidence, and opportunities to act on what your sales pipeline reveals.

TopOPPS builds on the data in your existing system, meaning you start getting insights you can use almost immediately.  Plus, we don’t stop. TopOPPS gets better with every opportunity because it automatically learns how your reps, prospects, customers and leads evolve.  It’s like you’ve got a genius on your sales staff that tells you everything you need to know to have confidence in your numbers and your ability to meet and exceed them.

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